Mission Statement

My main aim was to design clothing that was like a second skin. It should be so comfortable and fitting that you can forget about it.

Your focus will be on the class or practice – where it should be!!

It’s clothing that you can wear out to a café or the shops and you won’t feel self-conscious. It is also great to continue wearing if you want to go out walking after class.

Lhotse is an ethical brand that lives and practices what Jenine holds dear; from using certified organic raw materials to supporting local production, all non-negotiable factors in the rising career of this up-and-coming designer who embodies chic with a conscience.

Jenine started travelling the world and was inspired from a young age to create, only it took a trip to Nepal before she listened to her heart and followed her true calling.

Jenine’s personal style gravitates towards the ‘fashionable and the little bit out there’. She loves combining lasting investment classics made with high-quality fabrics and premium construction with less expensive items that are not likely to be in trend next season.

She keeps it local and is inspired by New Zealand fashion labels like Kate Sylvester, Karen Walker and Workshop. Designers of beautiful pieces made of high-quality fabrics and superior construction at their core. These are design principles that Jenine has always aspired to and has ultimately achieved.

The initial inspiration for Lhotse stemmed from a trip of a lifetime to Nepal.

She attributes yoga for the physical benefits of creating improved posture and for the positive influence it has on her state of mind and outlook on life, “yoga can be a great teacher as it’s challenging to stay in a difficult pose, so trying to master these goals can be very humbling.”