Lhotse is an ethical clothing brand which uses certified eco-dyed, organic cotton.  Our digitally printed fabric is made using water-based pigments, with no harsh chemicals.  All our clothing is handmade in New Zealand, supporting local production.

We care for our environment and are inspired by nature itself.

Organic cotton uses less water, no toxic chemicals and much less energy to produce than non-organic cotton.  It is far better for the environment and for those who work in the industry.  Many harmful chemicals and insecticides are involved in the production of non-organic cotton, particularly when it comes to the dyeing process.

Some great general facts about organic cotton can be found here:


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Jeneine Briggs in nepal

Ethical production is very important to us – we believe everyone should be paid fairly for the work they do and working environments for everyone should be safe, fair and reasonable. The work involved in making our clothing takes skill and experience.

We also pride ourselves on building good relationships with everyone who we rely upon for our business to grow and thrive.  We are all interconnected and we try hard to ensure that every part of our business lives up to the principles of yoga.

Finally, one of our fundamental inspirations behind our brand is Nepal and in particular the Himalayas, hence our name which was inspired by the beautiful Lhotse peak.